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Case 1 - Part 2

Case 1 - Part 2

Since you are undecided about how to proceed with the wound, you leave the room to go find the attending. The attending is involved with the trauma cases and does not have time to speak with you about the child. Instead, the attending asks you to stay with him and assist. Now that you are assisting, the nurse leaves to care for another patient. The attending asks you to take a blood sample and deliver it to the lab, but you do not have any gloves with you and do not know how to take a blood sample.

Suddenly, one of the nurses enters the room and reports some test results to the team. The attending asks for your opinion. The situation is similar to a case you worked on in your first semester of medical school, so you tell the attending the course of treatment decided by the group. The attending then acts on your advice, ignoring the advice of the other doctors in the room. How do you approach this situation?


The attending asks you to take a blood sample, but you don't have any gloves and don't know how to do it. How do you approach this situation?


How could you have prevented the situation where you became the attending's assistant, even though you're only supposed to be observing?


The attending takes your advice on the trauma case over the advice of other health professionals on the team. What do you think about this situation and how do you react?