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You are a Business

You are a Business




As a resident you have your own finances to take care of as well as your student debt load. As you move closer to moving into independent practice you are faced with decisions about the kind of practice you want and what kind of financial arrangement will work best for you. Do you want to run a practice? Are you better suited to a salaried position of some sort?


You relationship with money

“First, observe and evaluate whether your financial life is contributing to your joy and integrity. The changes you make should come from a deep well of inner honesty, not from being told by your financial planner that you must tighten your belt here or accept some risks elsewhere. Second, demystify this thing called money. Just because we have money does not mean that we know what it is. Our socially programmed emotions, the din of the consumer culture, and the unquestioned logic of the market that “more is always better” con-fuse even the smartest of us. What is money, really? It is our life energy—the hours we invest in earning, managing, spending, donating, and worrying about it. ...we must always ask ourselves: “Is the trade of our life energy worth it? Are we more than our careers? Does our allocation of time reflect our deepest values?” [1]


Personal Financial Management

Personal finances - MD Mgmt, retiirement, insurance, RESP, taxes, debt and loans

 MD Physician Services is available to you through the CMA. There is a section specifically for residents , use it!



The Wealthy Barber says - SPEND LESS!



1. Robin V. Changing your relationship to money can boost your well-being. West J Med 2001;174:12

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