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When you are in charge of other people - traditional management

When you are in charge of other people - traditional management

Brazen careerist Penelope Trunk tells us:


" ...what I love is someone who tells me how to be better. And all managers should be like that.  It’s fundamentally very caring: To take the time to see what someone is doing poorly and give them advice on how to be better. It’s much more caring than a simple compliment or mere criticism. So really, this comes back to what I’ve always thought: good management is about truly caring.  Too often people talk about time management in an abstract, detached way... But all of time management comes down, really, to your heart, not your to do list. Figure out a new way to manage time, one that divides the day for doing good, instead of just doing. To confront this issue—as a parent, a manager, or anything else—is the crux of adult life. Who are your relationships with? Who do you care about most? And how do you deal with the heartbreak of not being able to give enough time?"[1]



Bruce Tulgan is a leadership and management expert with expertise on young people in the workplace. He believes that "(m)anagers who think they don’t have time to manage spend their time managing anyway, but it’s all crisis management that could be avoided if they were hands-on managers every day."

Here is a list from Tulgan of five how-tos for managers:


1. Manage every day, not just on certain occasions, such as a project explodes.

2. Solve small problems every day so they don’t grow into big ones.

3. Have lots and lots of boring conversations instead of one, big conversation.

4. Reward people for what they accomplish; don’t treat people equally because accomplishments are not equal

5. Think of empowerment as helping someone to succeed instead of leaving them alone.[1]




Extras, just for fun

And now, just for fun - use 5 minutes and 11 seconds of your saved time to watch this video on how to do things quickly!





If you are still up for more great time management suggestions - try "50 Tricks to Get Things Done Faster, Better, and More Easily" from Life Hack. It includes some great suggestions and some that seem silly, but might just be a personal growth experience for physicians - number 48:"Do Your Worst: Give yourself permission to suck.  Relieve the pressure of needing to achieve perfection in every task on the first run.  Promise yourself you’ll go back and fix any problems later, but for now, just run wild."



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