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Teamwork in Health Care

Teamwork in Health Care


Teamwork and collaboration are the newest trend in health care delivery.  A number of government reports have called for improved collaboration among health care professionals as the key strategy in health care reform.  A comprehensive look at teamwork in healthcare was commissioned by the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation [1].  This report synthesizes a large body of evidence looking at teamwork in healthcare. 



Improved teamwork and collaborative care have been shown to improve performance in many aspects of the healthcare system, including primary care and public health.   There is an increasing body of research showing that teamwork may be an effective way to improve quality of care and patient safety as well as reducing stress and burnout among healthcare professionals.

In this video clip, from the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, members of the health care team speak about their experiences and highlight improved patient outcomes, increased patient safety and reduced staff burnout as part of their experience of working in an interprofessional team.


Teamwork in Healthcare: Promoting Effective Teamwork in Healthcare in Canada



What do you think about this video clip? Would you like to work in this environment? Why or why not?


In this video students in various health disciplines speak about their experiences of working in the team environment at the GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver, BC .  The students also experience the patient as the centre of the team and  talk about how working together creates understanding, trust and respect between disciplines.

Vancouver Coastal Health (c)2007



What service are you on now? What is the "culture" of collaboration in this speciality?



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