Interprofessional Education
Module Credits

Module Credits

This module was created for the Queen’s University Inter-Professional Patient-Centred Education Direction (QUIPPED) Inter-professional Teaching and Learning Faculty Certificate Programme.[1]


Lee Ann Fox  RN, BScN, CON(C), CHPCN(C)

Clinical Educator, Connell 10 and the Cancer Program

Kingston General Hospital


Constance Sunderland  RN, BSN, MA(Ed), CEC

Education Consultant, Nursing Education

Kingston General Hospital


Shayna Watson MD, MEd, CCFP

Assistant Professor, Departments of Oncology and Family Medicine

Queen’s University




Special Credit to The Interprofessional Network of British Columbia (In-BC) and Tony Flavell for the video assets and collaborating on collaboration! 


The Interprofessional Network of BC (In-BC) is a partnership among health and post-secondary education organizational organizations.  The Network is led by the College of Health Disciplines, UBC and the BC Academic Health Council.




1. For more information about this programme please contact Christine Chapman, QUIPPED Education Coordinator at or 613-537-4750. accessed Sept 5, 2007

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