Interprofessional Education
Module User Guide

Module Guide

This module was created for the Queen’s University Inter-Professional Patient-Centred Education Direction (QUIPPED) Inter-professional Teaching and Learning Faculty Certificate Programme.[1]  It is available for educational use.  We welcome feedback and collaboration.


The module can be used as a resource, or when used with the portfolio may also be assigned and evaluated as part of a larger educational programme. Other similar modules have been used as a part of a formal course and have been evaluated as part of the course requirements.




The portfolio


The portfolio tab is visible on the left navigation bar. Users may register using their email address and log in for subsequent visits. The portfolio records answers to the text-based activities (reflective questions and T/F exercises). At this time the portfolio doest does not track the MCQ or ’drag and drop’ activities.

The portfolio records answers, and number of attempts on questions and approximate time on task.  The portfolio is stored as  PDF and can be printed out.


The portfolio can only be accessed and printed out by the person who has created it. and associated groups are not accessing this information for any reason. The information collected by the portfolio is for the use of the person who created it.


Possible uses for the portfolio:

  • personal record/reflection

  • preparation for a seminar/course - personal notes

  • for evaluation by a preceptor/instructor

  • for submission as proof of completion of module




This module was made on which is a companion to The Gender and Health Collaborative Project of the Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine and the 6 Ontario medical schools. is an educational site with 11 modules exploring aspects of gender and the social determinants of health. More information can be found through the ’About the Project’ section of






1. For more information about this programme please contact Christine Chapman, QUIPPED Education Coordinator at or 613-537-4750. accessed Sept 5, 2007

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