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Professional Quality of Life

Professional Quality of Life



In this graphic we can see that working in the ’helping professions’ can take us to different places.  Before we begin let us be clear that all aspects of medicine are helping professions, we work in a service industry.  Healthy negotiation of this requires clarity about our role as helpers and developing the skills to deal effectively with our own emotions and the emotions that arise from being witness to the experiences of others.  We usually meet people because of some sort of difficulty in their life. Even when we meet people for well-person or preventative care not much time passes before we share a difficult part of their journey.[3]


Use this activity to test yourself on some terms related to these concepts. If the information is new to you the quiz will teach you the terms.


Compassion Satisfaction

Let this be a goal and a by-product of our work. Compassion satisfaction is related to the positive aspects of helping and can come from the act of providing care, engagement with the system, working with colleagues, congruence between our actions and our beliefs about ourselves and/ or altruism.



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