The Oncology Care Team




Who is on your team?

No two people will have exactly the same team, nor is there any right answer about who is needed for a perfect team.

Below are a few clinical scenarios, think about which members might be on the oncology team for each patient.


Betty Storm has just been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. She is a high school principal and has two children in grade school. Who is on her cancer care team?


Cornelius Sturgeon lives in a First Nation community accessible only by air and the winter road. He has advanced cancer and has requested to go home to live out the rest of his life. Who will be on his oncology care team?


Daniel Katz has just been diagnosed with lymphoma and lives a one hour drive away from the regional cancer clinic. He is about to have chemotherapy. Who is on his oncology team?

When you see a patient, think about who is on their team.