The Oncology Care Team
Module Credits

Module Credits

With thanks for contributions from:

Cathy Beavis - Ward Clerk

Kelsey Brose - Hematology Fellow

Stephanie Bryan - Physiotherapist

Erin Charbonneau -Physiotherapist

Mario Chevrette - Radiation Therapist

Paula Downie - Physiotherapy Assistant

Cindy Fitzpatrick - Social Worker

Rosalind Foster -Social Worker

Rana Fowler - Nurse Manager

Lee Ann Fox - Clinical Nurse Educator

Vicky Fulcher - Spiritual Care

Kimberly Gough - Registered Dietitian

Gareth Haddock - Patient/Advocate

Suzie Hammond - Ward Clerk

Barbara Harrison - Nurse

Emma Hum - Speech Language Pathologist

Sharon Ivimey - CCAC

Hannah Kaufman - Social Worker

Sandra Machado - Occupational Therapist

Rupa Patel - Family Physician

Melissa TeBrake - Nurse

Erica Walsh - Pharmacist

Anna Wilkinson - Family Physician


The patients and staff of Connell 10, Kingston General Hospital


This module was created by:

Shayna Watson MEd, MD, CCFP

Departments of Oncology and Family Medicine

Queen’s University