Harassment and Discrimination

 Why Do People Harass Others?

  • Abuse of power

  • Ignorance of or lack of sensitivity toward others

  • Impaired judgment

  • Prejudices, beliefs, or out-dated views

  • Fear of changing roles

  • Personality disorder or mentally ill 


Why People Don’t Complain?

  • Unaware of their rights

  • Perceive that the organization condones the behavior

  • Fear of reprisals

  • Unaware of where to turn for help

  • Feel powerless to act,  “Nothing will happen anyway“

  • Feel responsible 


1.Men can experience sexual harassment in the work and study environment.
True     False
2.Women's dress and behaviour are expressions of who they are, not an invitation to be harassed.
True     False
3.A supervisor can not be held responsible for the inappropriate behaviour of his or her staff.
True     False
4.Although false charges can occur, they are relatively rare.
True     False
5.Many people who experience sexual harassment tend to ignore it at first, hoping to discourage the harasser.
True     False
6.Human rights legislation is meant to prevent harassment rather than punish it.
True     False