Harassment and Discrimination

Mandatory Reporting Policy


CPSO Policy on Mandatory Reporting - Policy #10-00

  • Physicians have a legal, ethical and professional duty to keep information about their patients confidential.

  • However, under certain circumstances, physicians are required by law to report particular events or conditions to the appropriate government or regulatory agency.

  • All mandatory reporting constitutes an exemption to normal physician-patient confidentiality requirements.

  • Breach of physician-patient confidentiality in these circumstances does not constitute professional misconduct.

  • Conversely, NOT reporting something that is required by law to be reported can result in the imposition of fines and/or charges of professional misconduct.


You MUST report:

  • Suspected child abuse or neglect

  • Suspected elder abuse in nursing homes

  • Health conditions that make it dangerous for an individual to drive

  • Health conditions that make it dangerous for an individual to fly an airplane, or to perform the duties of an air traffic controller

  • Births, deaths and stillbirths

  • Health card fraud

  • Termination of employment of a health professional due to incapacity or incompetence

  • Sexual abuse by a health professional