Harassment and Discrimination

University of Ottawa Policy on Sexual Harassment (Policy 67)  

  • Unwanted sexual attention from a person who knows or ought reasonably to know that such attention is unwanted  

  • Implied or expressed promise of reward for complying with a sexually oriented request  

  • Implied or expressed threat of reprisal or actual reprisal for refusal to comply with a sexually oriented request  

  • A sexual relationship which constitutes an abuse of power in a relationship of trust  

  • A sexually oriented remark or behavior which may reasonably be perceived to create a negative psychological and emotional environment for work or study  


 Role of the Sexual Harassment Officer 

  • Promoting, advancing, supporting and ensuring the effective implementation of Policy 67  

  • Providing information or advice  

  • Receiving and resolving sexual harassment complaints  

  • Acting, as needed, as an investigator or a mediator  


 Supervisor’s Role 

  • Act  to stop inappropriate behaviors  

  • Communicate and support the University’s objective to provide & maintain an environment free from harassment and intimidation  

  • Assist individuals who wish to resolve a situation of alleged sexual harassment  

  • Not engaging in behavior contrary to policy  

  • Not ignoring or condoning behavior that is contrary to policy