Harassment and Discrimination

Legal Cases


  • Dr. W 1988 Vancouver - precedent setting case

  • Laura receives Rx in exchange for sex for over a year

  • Laura loses in provincial courts but Supreme Court appeal rules that she was in no position  to consent due to her lack of power in the relationship: her vulnerability and need of medical care

           Supreme Court found that her giving of "consent" is "inherently suspect."



  • Psychiatrist, treated Mr. A for anxiety and alcohol-related problems for several years.

  • He called her in crisis and she asked him to come to her home to assess him.

  • She recommended ER but he refused.

  • She administered Ativan and allowed him to stay in her home.

  • He continued to stay there and was employed doing odd jobs.

  • After a month it became a sexual relationship and this continued for 6 months.

           Dr. NMRC was found guilty and her license was revoked.