Harassment and Discrimination

Complaint Handling Process

Always begin with the relevant policies and/or law 

  • Has a breach occurred?

  • Check the process and timeliness


  • Who has the mandate to address this matter?

  •  Are the parties covered under “this“ policy? 

Articulate IMPACT

  • What are relevant facts?

  • Are they reliable?

 Questions To Ask: 

  • Does this complaint trigger “the“ policy?

  • Have laws been potentially violated?

  • Am I the right person to handle this?

  • Do I have jurisdiction over these parties?

  • Have timelines been met?

  • What is the impact on the complainant?

  • Who needs to be involved to resolve this?

  • Do I have the consent of the party to take this further?

  • Where else do I go to sort out the “story“ & facts?

Duty of Fairness:

  • Parties have an opportunity to be heard, and to respond to allegations against them

  •  Unbiased decision maker

  •  Person who hears the case, must decide the case

  •  Parties entitled to a reasoned opinion

  •  Remedial not Punitive