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Amy tells you that her last menstrual period was 6 weeks ago and she’s never missed a period until now. She has been taking the pill for 7 years and has never missed a day in the last year, though sometimes it has been difficult to take it consistently at the same time each day due to her erratic work schedule. 

She started the pill initially to regulate her periods and to decrease cramping.  She has not been using condoms regularly with her boyfriend because her swabs have always been negative and she thought the pill protected her enough from pregnancy.  She tells you that she’s planning on going to law school and a baby is not in her plans for the recent future, but may be later on in life.  She has been with her boyfriend for 6 months and the relationship is a good one, but she’s not sure how she feels about him fathering her child and doesn’t feel comfortable telling him about the pregnancy. 

She’s afraid to tell her parents since she thinks they will be ashamed of her.  She feels embarrassed and upset – this is not what she wanted. 


She asks you to do a pregnancy test in the office – what do you offer her?

2.Now that you have a diagnosis of pregnancy, what options would you like to discuss with her?
Continue pregnancy & parent the child
Continue pregnancy & place the baby for adoption
Termination of pregnancy


The following pages on parenting, adoption, and abortion will provide you with more information on pregnancy options and what is important for you to discuss with a patient facing unintended pregnancy:


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