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Many people around the world have a strong desire to have children, but various factors play a role in affecting a couple’s decision about the best time to start a family.  When talking to a patient who is considering pregnancy, it’s appropriate to discuss some of the risks and benefits of child-bearing and how it will impact the patient’s life.  Here are some factors to consider [2]:




The ups:

  • Having a baby is exciting and fun!

  • Enhancement of family relationships and propagation of family genes and name into future generations

  • Resources for achieving parents’ interests  (economy, support for ageing parents and pursuit of unachieved goals)

  • Enhanced relationship with partner

  • Enhanced feeling of security



The downs:

  • Dirty diapers and sleepless nights!

  • Reduced educational and career opportunities

  • Reduced spending power

  • Decreased individual autonomy

  • Medical problems associated with pregnancy (anemia, diabetes, hypertension, hyperemesis, hemorrhage)



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