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Gender and Unintended Pregnancy

Illustration of 8-week fetus, Dr. Henry Gray (1821-1865)
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In 2003, there were 447 904 pregnancies in Canada [1].  Of these, approximately 39%, or 174 682, were unintended [2]In 2003, 103 768 pregnancies were terminated via therapeutic abortion [3].

In the United States in 2002, the direct costs of unintended pregnancy reached US$5 Billion.  The direct medical savings in the US in 2002 due to contraceptive use was US$19 Billion [4].

  • What is "Unintended Pregnancy" and why is it so common?

  • What are we doing to prevent unintended pregnancy?

  • Who is having abortions?  Are they all pro-choice?

  • What do men feel about unintended pregnancy?









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