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Did you know that of primary care physicians:

  • 58% feel they have had minimum adequate training in taking a sexual history

  • 64% feel they have minimum adequate training in screening and treating sexual diseases

  • 55% ask about sexual activity at an annual health exam  

  • 15%  never ask about sexual abuse  

  • 75% ask about sexual activity if relevant to the chief complaint  

  • 45% ask about sexual orientation

  • Female physicians are more likely to ask about sexual activity than male physicians, but only one fifth of those physicians also ask about the patient’s partner’s sexual practices [14]


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14. Wimberley, Y.H, Hogben, M., Moore-Ruffin, J., Moore , S.E., Fry-Johnson, Y. Sexual history-taking among primary care physicians. Journal of the National Medical Association. 2006: 98(12); 1924-1930.

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