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Chris knows that the Morning After Pill can be taken after unprotected sex, but thinks that it stops all pregnancies.  You explain to him that it reduces the risk of pregnancy, but does not eliminate it.  You tell him that nausea is uncommon when taking this drug, but that she can take an antinauseant if she is unwell.  Also, if she vomits after taking the pill, she will have to restart the dosing (i.e. take another pill, and one twelve hours thereafter).  You also stress the importance of condom usage and communicating with his sexual partners about contraception before instigating sexual activity.


You do four things for Chris:

1. Direct to a pharmacist to provide Plan B.

2. Write out the Yuzpe Method.

3. Agree to see Chris’ girlfriend that day in your office.

4. Refer Chris’ Girlfriend to an after-hour clinic.

You are now running behind in your clinic, but you encourage Chris to return if he has any questions for you.