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Chris’ Response

"So I was over at my girlfriend’s house watching a DVD yesterday.  It’s March Break, but her parents are working this week.  At first we were just making out on the couch, and then it sort of got heavy from there.  Umm - it was my first time, and we didn’t use any protection.  After we were done, I felt really guilty, and now I’m scared that she’s going to be pregnant.  If my parents even knew what we were up to they’d kill me.  

I feel like it’s my fault that we had sex, and I know that you’re the kind of doctor that is okay with this kind of thing, so I told my girlfriend that I would come and talk to you about it."


How do you respond to Chris' story?


List three (3) reasons why contraception may not be used during first intercourse?

Finally, you asked about abuse in this situation.


Now that you have validated his feelings, you ask him what he knows about the morning after pill.