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Charlotte decides that she’s probably not a good pill-taker, and is given a 3-month supply of the NuvaRing (vaginal hormonal contraception).  She agreed that it was a good time to get her first pap test, and you take cervical swabs at that time (all are normal).

You talk to her in private before she changes for the pap, during which time you screen her for abuse.  She denies any, and tells you that she knows not to stay in a relationship where she is not respected.

You then talk to Chris alone (at his request).  He tells you his relationship is going well.  He is still not using condoms consistently, but they are less worried about getting pregnant.  He only has one sexual partner at this time, and doesn’t know where this relationship is going.


Based on what you know, what are some things you can do to increase his condom use? (List 3 things)